What does Georgia Greater Black Chamber of Commerce do?

Georgia Greater BLACK CHAMBER of Commerce is a not for profit organization dedicated to serving black business owners and professionals in Georgia / Atlanta and its surrounding areas. Founded in 2004, GGBCC offers education, resources and networking opportunities to our members — in an effort to increase the economic vitality of the business community as a whole.

How long has GGBCC been around?

Georgia Greater BLACK CHAMBER of Commerce was founded in 2016.

How many members does GGBCC represent?

Not limited to black owned businesses, the organization serves as an advocate for hundreds of Georgia / Atlanta area businesses – ranging in size from small and mid-market companies to Fortune 1000 corporations, government agencies and educational institutions. Our mailing list touches nearly 6,000 companies and organizations who believe in and support GGBCC, our mission and strategic goals.

Is GGBCC an Atlanta Chamber?

Georgia Greater BLACK CHAMBER of Commerce is  serving the Atlanta Area. We enjoy a rich working partnership. Together, GGBCC and Atlanta  are wholly committed to delivering innovative programs and services to our Metro business community.

Does GGBCC endorse candidates or have a political stance?

Georgia Greater BLACK CHAMBER of Commerce is a non-partisan organization. We do not endorse political candidates or participate in campaign activities. GGBCC offers education and resources to help our member companies make informed decisions and get engaged in important issues, which impact Georgia's Black Business community.

How can I partner with GGBCC to market my event, product or service?

The first step is to join! As a GGBCC member, you get access to a variety of opportunities to gain visibility for your brand. There’s no better place to get engaged with Georgia's Black Business community. If you are already a member, please Contact Us for more details.

Can I get a list of Black Owned Businesses?

We publish and regularly update a list of GGBCC member companies in our Member Directory. You may also learn more by browsing articles in our monthly eNewsletter.

Why should I join GGBCC?

Studies show, consumers are 63% more likely to buy and do business with those associated with a chamber. Your Georgia Greater BLACK CHAMBER of Commerce membership represents a commitment to business development and community support. As a GGBCC member, you will get instant visibility in our Member Directory, along with access to opportunities to connect and grow!

Visit our Member Benefits page to learn more and join today.

Are GGBCC membership dues tax deductible?

Georgia Greater BLACK CHAMBER of Commerce is a not for profit 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions that fall under section 501(c)(3) may be deductible as charitable contribution. Please consult with a trusted tax advisor to determine if your GGBCC annual dues may be deducted as a business expense.

I am not Black. Or, I live, work or own a business located outside of Georgia. May I still join?

Georgia Greater BLACK CHAMBER of Commerce welcomes all business owners, leaders and professionals, companies and organizations who believe in and support our mission and strategic goals – without regard to race, ethnic background or geographic location.

Visit our Member Benefits page to learn more and join today.

Does GGBCC host General Member Meetings?

Yes. All GGBCC members, community & corporate partners are encouraged to attend our General Membership Meetings, held monthly (February – October). Advance registration is preferred. Please check our Events Calendar for specific meeting dates and times, or to register online.

What does the GGBCC Board do?

Our Board of Directors (BOD) is a working board, which provides strategic leadership and fiduciary oversight for the Georgia Greater BLACK CHAMBER of Commerce. Board Members care deeply about upholding our mission and values, and work to ensure progress toward specific goals.

Are GGBCC Board Meetings open to the public?

Like many not-for-profit organizations, Executive Sessions held by GGBCC’s Board of Directors (BOD) are closed to the General Membership. Click here to learn how you can volunteer your time and talent as a member of our Board of Directors — or on any GGBCC Committee.