Georgia Greater Black Chamber of Commerce: "All Eligible Voters Should Be Able To Vote"

Updated: Mar 21

Georgia Greater Black Chamber of Commerce Affirms,

“All Eligible Voters should be Able to Vote in Georgia”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Melinda Sylvester: (470) 452-5361

(ATLANTA, GA – MARCH 16, 2021) With voting rights being in jeopardy in the state of Georgia, the Georgia Greater Black Chamber of Commerce (GGBCC) an All-Inclusive nonprofit, nonpartisan business development organization affirms, “All Eligible voters should be able to vote in Georgia.” GGBCC is working with another chamber on improving this bill. Legislators should not rely on the “Urgency” to get these bills signed, take a step back be open to views that are different and do what is “RIGHT”.

Let’s look at this as an “Opportunity for This Bill”; it is important to make necessary revisions “Correct The Wrong”. It is also important to state there is a Legislative Process to making this happen.

Some Examples of Good:

1. Poll Watchers – Training

2. Poll Workers – allowing Poll Workers in adjacent counties; neighboring with flexibility

3. Drop Boxes for Absentee Ballots

Some Examples for Improvement:

1. All Eligible Voters should have “The Right To Vote”

2. Should be able to Vote Absentee

3. Need to Keep Sunday Voting

4. Need to Keep dropboxes for Absentee ballots

GGBCC is Humbled and Honored to serve the Great State of Georgia. GGBCC plays a very vital role in contributing to the economic growth in Georgia,” GGBCC encourages business owners and aspiring business owners to stay engaged with the Legislative Process and contact/ connect with your Legislators.

Georgia Greater Black Chamber of Commerce (GGBCC) is a nonprofit business development organization. An affiliate of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, GGBCC believes in the power of partnership. Empowering and sustaining the African American community through entrepreneurship and capitalistic activity within the United States is at its very core. GGBCC is proud to be a resource in making its members’ businesses visible in key regional markets. With a pro-business agenda of helping create a foundation for win-win situations, the organization continues on a path of creating opportunities for continued profitability and progress. For more information on GGBCC, visit

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