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Georgia Greater Black Chamber of Commerce is A 501c3 All-Inclusive Chamber!

More than ever; It's Essential to Partner with The Georgia Greater Black Chamber of Commerce. GGBCC wants to assist you to Pivot through The Pandemic and Build Bridges. On the record: 41% of Black Businesses will not survive COVID-19. As GGBCC President quoted in an article published in the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Black Businesses were struggling prior to the Pandemic, when others catch a Cold; Black Businesses face a tougher recovery challenge of Pneumonia. Together, We Can Be A Lead Team of Change and Own The Narrative!

We welcome you to Become A Partner of the GGBCC Lead Team. Great things are happening, whether relationships with Georgia movers and shakers or National and International opportunities. GGBCC is an organization where you can use your expertise to mentor others or use our expertise to grow your business. We have a core group of dedicated people so everyone carries only a featherweight! Come join GGBCC and make communities in the state of Georgia Greater! GGBCC wants you and your skill sets to be part of an all-inclusive chamber. You are welcome here and will be highly appreciated. Become A "Bridge Builder" Partner of GGBCC Team Today!


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